My hijab pins have been handmade carefully to suit the needs of all hijabis. Creating bespoke bridal pieces to everyday wear; their is no limit to what you can find in this online hijab pin shop. Take a look through the collections and I can guarantee you will find something that you will fall in love with, from modestly decorated pins to working class muslimah wear to bridal bespoke pieces. The choices are endless.
I started my creations in 2008 in my hometown of Toronto, Canada. I soon grew an audience of admirers where ever I went. From my friends and family to strangers my pins became a demand for every hijabi I met. Later on I moved to the UK to be with my husband who encouraged and supported my craft, and helped me to create a website and social media following.
Now after having two beautiful girls I have even more purpose to make my creations and to encourage all Muslimahs to feel beautiful and look beautiful with the simple gift as a hint glamour.