Hijab pins are often made of artificial metal and beads and often tend to tarnish after a short while. It doesn’t matter if the hijab pin is made with a gold metal or a silver they tend to darken over time no matter what we do.

Since I’ve been wearing hijab pins for a while (my own that is) I figured I’d let you in on the little secrets that keep them looking like new for longer periods and the best methods to store them.  Although I do post idea’s on how to care for your hijab pin on each of my product pages, I have a feeling some people tend to miss that second tab that’s marked “Care”.  I tend to make some hijab pins ahead of time so I’ve kept hijab pins for long periods looking like new. So you can trust me these ideas are effective!

Lets talk storage.baggy

I’ve seen some hijabi’s explain that if you keep the hijab pin in the small organza pouch that everyone has seemed to get a hold of and send to their customers it will last longer – WRONG! The pouch is not made of metal, air will still seep through, in fact even if it’s a fabric cloth it still lets it some air.  I would say purchase a set of small resealable baggies and separate each pin in it’s own bag.  Or at least separate like metals like silvers with silvers and golds with golds.  The less in a bag the longer it will last!

Another thing to remember is that with all those dangling chains and beads hijab pins tend to have nowadays it’s a good idea to keep it in a separate bag just so it doesn’t get tangled with other hijab pins or other jewellery.  You can always purchase a plastic storage box that has sections to keep your jewellery in place.  Usually you can find them in the dollar or pound stores.

Remember that as soon as you’re done wearing your hijab pin store them away immediately to prevent air and liquids from getting to them.

Lets talk tarnished hijab pins.

Charming Collection6

Let’s face it, we can’t make our beautiful hijab pins last forever no matter how much we love them.  I always try my best to send each hijab pin or similar sets of hijab pins in a clear plastic baggy to prevent it from starting to tarnish on the way to it’s customer.  You see there are two main things that cause jewellery to tarnish: liquid and air. If you get water on your hijab pins more than likely it will tarnish even quicker than just exposing it to air, however once your hijab pin is exposed to air it’s on a clock, and then it just takes a few weeks maybe months to change colour.  The less you expose it to air, the longer it will last.  If you get some sort of liquid on your hijab pin lets say water or perfume then it’s on an even faster clock.  Keep your hijab pins dry!

If the inevitable has already happened and your favourite hijab pin has tarnished then there are some things you can dotoothpaste to possibly make them look like new again.  I’ve only ever tried this on my silver hijab pins, if you try it on gold I’m not sure of the result…

Anyways, for silver hijab pins, even if it’s chains or what not, if they have tarnished and turned dark then get a little toothpaste, any toothpaste, and try rubbing it on the hijab pin with your fingers.  Try a corner first to see if the dark tarnished area shines like new.  You should end up with all that gucky stuff on your fingers and a bright shiny new hijab pin.  You can also try rubbing the hijab pin with a piece of cloth, but that’s not as effective on metals. You can however rub your glass or crystal beads with a cloth as that always makes a hijab pin look like new.

Well this is all I could think of for now. If I have any more ideas then I’ll pass them on inshaAllah.

Masalamah! :)