There is a hugh market now for learning how to and making handmade hijab pins.  So many new sites and Facebook pages are opening up specifically for handmade hijab pins.  However I’ve noticed that a lot of sites are using the world ‘handmade’ a bit loosely.  It is a bit upsetting for me as I toil away endlessly putting together one hijab pin using a million different beads and charms that some people are getting away with using simple techniques to quickly get the job done and get paid whilst no real effort is being made.


I’ve thought of bringing up the prices for my hijab pins since I am going through all the hard work and effort of making one hijab pin but then it’s never a way of bringing in more customers when your prices are too high! So I digress…

Anyway the easiest way to make hijab pins is really really simple. Just take out your favourite earring and disconnect the top bit where the loop is, and then take that loop and stick it onto a pin with a loop as well.  It’s as simple as that!

earringstick pin

You can also purchase beads from a local craft store and use a simple head pin to make stick pins.  For example a long pin can also be purchased from a craft store, and then beads just to fill it up.  Which beads to purchase is up to you.  If you have a long pin about 3″ in length then you can use larger beads and charms, but if its a small pin between 1 – 2 inches then I suggest using regular beads approx. 6 – 8 mm.  Using tiny beads are only good if you are going  to use a lot of them to dangle like an earring.  However if you want to make a hijab pin stick then the beads you use are going to be the focal point, so you want to use a nice bead that you can see properly.


To keep the beads in place you can use a glue or a plastic earring stopper or even a metal earring stopper.  That choice is up to you!  You can purchase a Make Your Own Hijab Pins Pack from the my shop.

I also have a video on how to use my pack and make hijab pins on my video library page Click Here

These are the procedures for basic hijab pins. Stay tuned and we’ll get into the more extravagant kinds later ;) .