Women have gone scouring through the pages of the internet looking for the right hijab style for occasions such as Eid, school, for work and just for fun. Possibly every Islamic site that sells hijabs or items related to hijab almost all give you the tips and trends of wearing hijab, including us!

Our most popular hijab style so far has been the Turban Hijab Style. It seems to be a favourite nowadays what with the demand for creativity from the younger Muslimah’s who are looking to make an Islamic fashion statement. Not only are they becoming popular with women who wear hijab, but women who don’t wear hijab also enjoy imitating the turban look using a scarf or pashmina or just any piece of cloth.


Another hijab style that is seems to be popular with women is the Turkish Hijab Style. This is wear a simple plain silk or satin square scarf is used to make floral decorations. All you need to do is lift and pin basically and form peaks around the back of the head.

Some hijab styles have now become about wearing more than one hijab tying them together to almost imitate hair or volume. This is where many folds are made and your hijab is twisted so many times you wouldn’t be able to tell where you started from!

Hijab trends are also starting to change to an extreme level as women are now experimenting with knitted hats or regular hats just to get a more modern and perhaps a more subtle hijab look. However some would say that it defeats the purpose of hijab as not much is covered except for your hair and neck. Most women who are promoting the idea are basing their hijab style preferences towards the environment around them. Meaning that women who work in a professional environment or go to university and so on seem to want to be seen as modern and fashionable yet still technically within the boundaries of their religion.

What do you think about this twist in how women wear hijab? Do you think it would suit you to wear a hat in such a fashion that it looks like hijab? Or do you think that perhaps we may be going too far with being fashionable? What do you think may be the next new thing to hijab?

Should the styles of hijab change into modern fashion, or should we try to stick to what religion says?  If we’re technically covering ourselves is it enough?

I would love to know what you think! Let us know below!