Being in the business of selling unique hijab pins of all shapes and sizes like every business person it’s your job to do your research first.  I found it utterly fascinating to understand what most women thought hijab meant and even more fascinating to find that a lot of businesses were targeting their viewers through manipulation just to make a buck or two.

However I also learned that everyone is entitled to their opinion.  So as much as it made me laugh at the absurd idea’s being put out there to confuse and otherwise mislead our young Muslim generation I figure I’m entitled to an opinion too, and  because I have a website, lucky me, I can actually make a statement about it.  Should anyone choose to challenge my opinion they are free to do so :) .

First of all, as I’ve tried to make it clear again and again, hijab is not just about covering ones hair.  If hair was such a bad thing to show then why didn’t Allah (swt) just have all the women shave their heads?  After all if beauty is only in the hair which distracts men then why were we not commanded in shaving it off? What kind of man likes a bald woman?  However, yes, hair does reveal much of a woman’s beauty, so to cover it is an important part of being modest. Modesty is also, however, covering ones body. I think that’s pretty much clear by everyone but what some people don’t understand is that even if you do cover from head to toe, if your clothes are too tight and you are not leaving much to the imagination then you are not in hijab!

Hijab is when you are not revealing the shape of your body.  Hair has only very little to do with what else men are attracted to when you reveal everything else to them!  It makes no sense to wear a hijab and then a tight outfit to show everything else! Why don’t our Muslimahs get that?

Another issue I wanted to bring up was pointed out to me when another shop selling hijab pins decided to make the claim that large hijab pins were immodest and against the religion.

I weep upon the hypocrisy and the desperation to use religion for the wrong purposes.

If wearing a large hijab pin on your head is really that immodest then why sell Swarovski ridden hijab pins at all? Why sell hijab pins with rhinestones and chains in pretty shiny silver at all? Is it not visible to the eye no matter how small it is? Or is it just because it’s less visible that it’s all right. Meanwhile along with our ‘modest’ outfits we have a dash of make-up here, a clanking of bangles there and rings on each finger…not to mention the fancy hijab ridden with sequins we have on our head anyway!

However because hijab is apparently only directed towards the head we should only be modest in that particular area while everything else below the neckline is accepted????


The site claimed that they would never ever sell large hijab pins and that was there policy.  Of course now that it’s so popular they have somehow changed that policy and withdrew their article about it altogether.

For me it was always clear that because we wear hijab we have to miss out on wearing regular jewellery – well depending on how we wear hijab – so the hijab pin was our special little thing that allowed us to have a bit of our own jewellery and a bit of expression.  I don’t see anything wrong with that…but again that’s just my opinion. I figure that if you don’t think a big blingy watch, bangles, rings or shiny clothes are immodest, how can you pick on a simple thing such as a hijab pin?

Again, if you have any thoughts, do share as I would love to discuss :) .