It’s come to my attention that there are a lot more hijab pin sites out there making their way into the Muslimah marketing world.  I absolutely love the idea that Muslim women have their own niche in the market where we have expanded beyond comparison and at such a fast rate too!  I remember when I first started making my hijab pins only two years ago there were hardly any other shops online selling handmade hijab pins.  Now there are so many I can’t seem to keep track of all the changes and trends to the hijab pin itself!


It’s nice to know that we as Muslims have learned  to express ourselves in humble, unique and exciting ways all for the love of our religion.  InshaAllah one day my dream is that the bad image the media has portrayed about Islam will disappear and once again our religion will come into a golden age.  InshaAllah we as Muslims will not be seen as terrorists or people of bad intentions but as a creative, loving and peaceful people with a means to contribute positively in this world.  Far be it that any one individual should cause shame to our religion by committing heinous acts in the name of Allah (swt) and that our community should pay for their mistakes.

hijab pic

I just wanted to applaud all the Muslim sisters out there who are helping to make hijab a more positive image rather then a means of suppression made up supposedly by Muslim leaders by sharing your creativity and love for hijab.


I think hijab pins are now a permanent part of the new western market that funnily enough is starting to come to light in the eastern market.  It’s a wonder they didn’t come up with it their before we did!  However it doesn’t really matter who started it; I think it’s a good and positive trend that is here to stay.  It will encourage younger Muslimahs trying out their first hijab to keep wearing their hijab and it will give them a means to make more positive paths in this world inshaAllah!

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And that’s my bit about hijab pins :)