I want to raise awareness for something that is completely unrelated to anything I’ve spoken about before, but I feel that the more we make our brothers and sisters in Islam – or any religion or faith aware the better it will be – Although I’ve never really spoken out about anything political in my life – I just feel like lately there has been a lot of injustice being done and such cruelty should be recognized and stopped by everyone.

You have probably seen a lot of news lately about the fight between Israel and Palestine over land. Although this has been happening for years – lately there has been a lot of bomb attacks from Israel onto innocent civilians in Palestine. The horrible pictures and videos I’ve seen have brought me to tears and left me wondering why we as Muslims can’t even lift a finger to help our brothers and sisters in Islam who have no one left to turn to? Every day they are bombed and innocent children are being put to death. Innocent children as young as 6 are being taken from their families and being put in prison for unknown crimes. Palestinians are waking up in hospitals to find their family members are dead and they are the only survivors left.

What is their crime that these innocents should have to suffer like this?

I ask you all to please please please, if nothing else – pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, pray for all the brothers and sisters and children around the world who are suffering this kind of horrible unjust death. Pray to Allah (swt) that if nothing else at least not to let them suffer any more, not to let children be burnt alive and not to be taken from their families, their mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers without just cause. They are only children. We are letting them destroy our future before it begins.

Ya Allah save our brothers and sisters in Islam from those who cause them to suffer without just cause, save and protect the innocent children of war, and if not in this world but in the here after let them receive their justice from those who have caused them to suffer in this world for there is no escaping You and truly You are Just! Ya Allah keep us on the straight path, and give us the courage to always speak true, and always do what is right, and give us the courage to help out our brothers and sisters in Islam and especially the young innocent children. Ameen sum ameen.

Free Palestine, free Syria – free our brothers and sisters in Islam from the hypocrites, the terrorists and the so called leaders who have turned a blind eye on the innocents. May Allah (swt) give them what they deserve if not in this world then in the hereafter inshaAllah and Ameen.