I recently met up with a friend of a friend to whom they wanted to encourage to wear a hijab, and because I owned the hijab pin shop they were hoping that I would teach her a few tips and tricks on how to wear hijab.  Now because this lady had never worn a hijab, nor by the looks of it, was interested at all in wearing a hijab, I could tell this would be a challenge for me.hijab pic

Personally it took me a few years to get used to the idea of wearing hijab.  I had to realize and come to terms with all the things I would be giving up – not only my love for artificial jewellery but even my love for hair-dos and even perhaps my make-up! Although I could wear make up with hijab it was just because I had started practicing my faith and keeping up with my prayers where I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the re-decorating of my face every time I did wudu!

So as my love and understanding of my religion grew my need to be so materialistic diminished. I gave up having the need to get up an hour early every day just to do my hair and make-up before I went off to college every morning. I actually gave up on a lot of materialistic things and views and began to see what was more important in life.

But that’s another story…

Anyway getting back to my friends’ friend I really didn’t get a chance to talk to her about hijab.  I had a brief conversation which really made me feel so sad and so hysterical at the same time.  While we were talking she mentioned how she had seen some girls with a style and “that one where I can wear earrings and my neck shows but my hair is covered”.

Are you serious? (this is where I went hysterical for a bit, not trying to show it of course!)

So I said, so you basically want to wear a turban like a sikh or something? What is the point of wearing hijab then?


Her reply was that ‘at least my hair would be covered right? At least I’m wearing the hijab’.

Seriously? Really? Am I supposed to say something like ‘oh you know what you’re right!’?  I said ‘what is the point of covering your hair when everything else is showing? If you just don’t want to show your hair then shave your head and be done with. That’s not the point of hijab, hijab is to cover yourself so that nothing obvious is showing’.Chic3

It’s so sad that the newer generation seems so confused about hijab because of some of the influences out there where the standard is to be stylish no matter how far off religion we’ve come to be.

For the record I just want to say that hijab – once and for all – is not just a big cloth we use to cover our hair – frankly in my opinion it’s not the hair that is so important to cover as much as the body.  There is no point in covering your head while you’re practically wearing an outfit that shows all your other ‘assets’. Sorry girls, that’s not allowed. Is that how far we’ve come? Is that how lost we are? Doesn’t anyone know what hijab is actually translated into???

Bah! What is the point? I mean really!?

In the end I really couldn’t help her only because I didn’t get the chance to have a one on one conversation.  When you are new to hijab you really have to think about what hijab means before you proceed to the next step.  There is no point in just ‘covering your hair’ and wearing hijab just to please someone when you can’t please Allah (swt). Hopefully next time I meet up with her she’ll have explored her options a bit more…

And maybe I’ll try not to act like a crazed hijabi….lol.

Oh well!

Masalamah :D