The perfect solution to those cold winter days for every hijabi is now here! These lovely unique hijab pieces are great for keeping warm as they are quite light and soft but still will keep you quite warm in the winter months. I’ve taken a picture of some of the fabric as best as I could to show you how thin it actually is, and what the ends look like.

There are a range of colours to choose from as well as this hijab is quite lengthy and wide enough for you to make out any possible array of styles. You can also use these hijabs as a scarf as they are large enough and warm enough too!

Colours available: Black & White, Fuschia & Black, Green & Yellow, Orange & Gray, Pink & Turquoise, Teal & Yellow.

Length and Width – 83 x 31 inches or 210x 78 cm.

These hijabs do not have any tags so it’s best to hand wash them!