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Egyptian Print Hijabs

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Dimensions 177 x 96 cm
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Black Stripe Georgette Hijab

This gorgeous georgette hijab is unique in design and quality. The fabric is georgette with a faint shimmer lining creating the appearance of stripes. It gives off a satin georgette impression but it is only georgette. It has a good length and width so there is much you can do with this hijab and keep cover as well! This is a hand sewn hijab so the ends are approx 5mm in length. Length and width - 88 x 28 inches or 224 x 71 cm This hijab has no tags so it's best to handwash it.
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Aztec Printed Hijabs

These beautiful printed hijabs have an aztec border giving it a lovely style unique to most hijabs you see today. They are light and soft and almost feel like you're not wearing a hijab at all! They have a cotton like feel to them making it perfect for everyday casual wear.  These hijabs will cover you well as they are generous in both length and width. These hijabs come in three colours namely: Bluish/Gray-Black, Pink-Purple and Blue-Pink Length and width: 70 x 38 inches or 177 x 96 These hijabs do not have tags so to be safe hand wash them.
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Simply Tasseled Hijabs

These gorgeous hijabs are very light yet will keep you quite warm in the colder months. They have tassels on the short end and the longer end the thread pokes out for a different look. You can always fold these ends in if you don't want to show the threads as they are not very long and they do not pull away at the hijab. This hijab is very lengthy and easy to wear as you can wear it with the simplest or even no hijab pins and it usually stays in place. This is one of my favourite hijabs as it's simple and looks great - the fabric would be a xcotton viscose type of feel - it's not thick like a Pashmina and has a sleeker look. Colours available: Grey, Light Grey, Blue and Fushia Length and width - 78x43 inches or 198x109 cm. These hijabs do not have any tags so it's best to hand wash them.
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Simply Crinkled Hijabs

These lovely georgette crinkle hijabs are extra long so you can do a lot with them and still make sure you cover properly. They are also quite narrow making it easy to manipulate into your desired style.  These hijabs usually need pins to keep it into place as they can be quite slippery however they are light and airy and look absolutely gorgeous with any style for any occasion. Keep in mind that this hijabs are handmade sewn so the seams are about 1 cm in width. You have six colours to choose from including: Pink, White, Sunshine, Maroon, Teal and Chamoisee. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE MEASUREMENT SIZE! Length approx. 2 1/2 meters, Height: approx. 1/2 meter. These hijabs do not have any tags so it's best to hand wash them.
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Anchor Print Hijabs

These unique hijabs are lightweight and have a soft cotton like feel to them. I love the anchor decor on them as they make it look quite different then what you would expect on a hijab! The hijabs have a good length and width to them so you have enough to style with and keep covered as well. You won't have to worry about this hijab slipping off your head as well at you don't have to worry about being too hot in this hijab because it's so light and airy! Colours available: Green orange and pink green. Length and width: 68x46 inches or 173x117 cm These hijabs do not have tags so it's best to hand wash them.
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Polka Dot Hijabs

These beautifully made hijabs are a wonderful touch for your everyday casual look. How can you go wrong with polka dots? Each hijab has a great colour combination and are a great length and width so you have a lot of options for styling. The hijabs are light and airy so you don't need to worry about feeling over heated depending on how you style it. Colours available: Black White, Yellow Green, Pink Gray, Red White Length and width: 78x39 inches or 198x99 cm These hijabs do not have tags so it's best to hand wash them.
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Checkered Knit Style Hijab/Scarf

The perfect solution to those cold winter days for every hijabi is now here! These lovely unique hijab pieces are great for keeping warm as they are quite light and soft but still will keep you quite warm in the winter months. I've taken a picture of some of the fabric as best as I could to show you how thin it actually is, and what the ends look like. There are a range of colours to choose from as well as this hijab is quite lengthy and wide enough for you to make out any possible array of styles. You can also use these hijabs as a scarf as they are large enough and warm enough too! Colours available: Black & White, Fuschia & Black, Green & Yellow, Orange & Gray, Pink & Turquoise, Teal & Yellow. Length and Width - 83 x 31 inches or 210x 78 cm. These hijabs do not have any tags so it's best to hand wash them!
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Colourful Border Hijabs

These colourful border hijabs have a great length and width to it so you have a lot to work with and style with. These hijabs are lightweight and will never slip off. They are soft to the touch and come in a great array of colours. These hijabs are offered at a great price where you won't be able to find them anywhere else! Colours available:  Beige Neon, Blue Beige, Bluish/Gray Orange, Gray Pink, Orange Lilac, Pale-Yellow Pink Length and width approx: 74x36 inches or 188x91 cm These hijabs do not have tags so it's best to hand wash them.
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