These gorgeous hijabs are very light yet will keep you quite warm in the colder months. They have tassels on the short end and the longer end the thread pokes out for a different look. You can always fold these ends in if you don’t want to show the threads as they are not very long and they do not pull away at the hijab. This hijab is very lengthy and easy to wear as you can wear it with the simplest or even no hijab pins and it usually stays in place. This is one of my favourite hijabs as it’s simple and looks great – the fabric would be a xcotton viscose type of feel – it’s not thick like a Pashmina and has a sleeker look.

Colours available: Grey, Light Grey, Blue and Fushia

Length and width – 78×43 inches or 198×109 cm.

These hijabs do not have any tags so it’s best to hand wash them.