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Pomegranate Heart Silver Hijab Pin

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A beautiful pin with a lot of little beads, not much to worry about with this pin as it is light and the beads are too small to break.

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Satin Rose Hijab Pin

The beautiful rose captured in a satin finish creating this lovely pin perfect for any occasion. It is lovely and subtle and the perfect embellishment for your stylish look. Currently only available in this peachy beige colour. The rose itself is approx. 3 cm in length and 1.75 cm in width. The pin is approx. 2 1/2 inches long in silver.
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Cosmos Hijab Pin

This lovely hijab pin has a beautiful dark blue-grey tone to it so I couldn't think of a better name than Cosmos. The larger bead also has an AB (aurora borealis) effect to it meaning that it has a multicolour shine on one side of the bead while the other side is a dark bluish tone. It was so hard to picture this pin in all it's glory, and I hope I've done it justice! The pin is 3 inches long and silver and the larger bead is approx. 1 cm wide with silver findings.
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Empress Silver Hijab Pin

These majestic pins are simply above the rest in uniqueness and design.  The crystal glass beads are hiding under silver caps giving it a dash of colour.  The caps themselves have a beautiful design giving the pin a more eye catching look. The design is almost 4 cm long and the width including the silver charm bead is 1 cm.  The pin is 3 inches long and silver plated with a 1 cm clutch.
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Nilofer Headpiece Hijab Pin

Nilofer means “lotus” or “water lily” which I thought suited this blue and gold double hijab pin.  A beautiful and unique style for a double hijab pin that’s perfect for a special occasion.  The chain design falls beautifully on the hijab the way no other hijab pin has. The pin is made with 6mm rondelle beads as well as 4mm bicones and is finished off with two 2 1/2 inch silver pins.
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Floral Lantern Hijab Pin

This lovely floral hijab pin is made with porcelain beads. It's the first porcelain pin made for the shop. The beads are approx. 1 cm long making the decoration over 2 cm in length in total. I've been seeing a lot of floral hijabs nowadays and I think this will go lovingly with all those summery colours that are out. This pin is made with a 3 inch silver hijab pin and 1 cm pin stopper.
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Glamorous Ink Hijab Pins

These pins have a beautiful bluish-grey colour which is why I named it Glamorous Ink. The main bead on both pins have lovely facets that give the pin more depth and shine. Also note that the circle bead is curved on it's side giving it sort of an 'S' shape to it. Both pins have such lovely beads that I didn't want to take away from the main feature by adding a lot of findings and so on. So all I did was add a simple crystal rhinestone rondelle to each pin finished off with a matching bead. These pins are beautiful on their own and are bound to add just the right amount of sparkle to you hijab design. The design is set on a 3" silver pin and the beads themselves are approx. 14mm. Pick and choose which design you prefer whether square or circle it's up to you!
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Victorian Pearl Hijab Pin

I’ve brought back my original Victorian Pearl hijab pin with a twist.  It is one of the most beautiful pins you will see in all the hijab pins out there. It is handmade like all my pins and comes with an acrylic pendant drop for that extra special touch of glamour. This pin is approx. 7 cm long and the width is no more than 8mm being the size of the pearl glass beads.  It is finished off with an 2 1/2 inch silver pin and clutch. Note: Do check out the Swarovski Victorian Pearl Hijab Pin in the Swarovski collection!
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Jeweled Scepter Hijab Pin

This is a lovely pin perfect for any occasion. It is decorated with a lovely large teardrop pearl and a crystal diamond encrusted silver charm. The top jewel comes in four colours which I thought looked best with the silver charm - siam (pictured), black, clear (ab) and coffee brown. The decoration is made with a silver 3" pin with clutch and has a good weight to it considering the pearl and the charm. It's a beautiful pin for you very special collection.  
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Nargiss Headpiece Hijab Pin

The word “Nargiss” is an urdu word from a Persian origin which means “flower” or “Narcissus”. Surely when you purchase this beautiful double hijab headpiece pin you will be mesmerized by its beauty.  It is made with clear (ab) crystal glass beads from 6mm to 4mm and crystal rondelles then linked with a beautiful quality crystal rhinestone close chain.  It is simple and delicate and best fit for a special occasion. The pin is finished off with two 2 1/2 silver pin.
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Pearl Princess Double Hijab Pin

Subtle yet beautiful the Pearl Princess double hijab pin is a great addition to your hijab style.  This gorgeous double hijab pin is perfect for a special occasion for anyone who wants to really add some glamor to their style.   It has three chains of pearls in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm pearl glass beads, and silver tone chains to complete the look.  This is perfect to wear on the side of you head or around the forehead or crown, it’s up to you as it is very versatile.
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