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Turban Chic Hijab Style

The “Turban Chic Hijab Style” is best for more formal and party like occasions.  It requires one long preferably thin hijab in which you can use a dopatta or long veil as well.  I would say 2 metres should be enough! This is a simple design look yet suits the name perfectly!  It looks very beautiful and I’ve gotten many a compliment on it already. Enjoy! 🙂

Floral Twist Hijab Style

The “Floral Twist Hijab Style” Requires two hijabs and pins from our Modest Crown Collection! This is an unique yet elegant look which anyone can do as long as you have the require items.  It looks good for special occasions like Eid or parties and is suited for both round or oval like faces. I hope you enjoy!

Turkish Party Hijab Style

The Turkish Party Hijab Style has been popular for a while and is usually worn just to cover the hair.  This version will allow you to cover your front and back and hopefully you’ll like it.  This is perfect for a special occasion, but be warned that you’ll have to have someone do this for you because you won’t be able to pull this off yourself!

Fancy Folds Hijab Style

The “Fancy Folds” hijab style is for special ocassions. If you are looking for a party hijab style, Eid hijab style or special day hijab style then this is a beautiful and unique look.  All that is required is one long rectangular scarf be it a pashmina or otherwise.  A plain scarf is preferable if you are using hijab pins from the modest crown collection.

The Double HIjab Style

The Double Hijab Wrap allows for two rectangular hijabs one being longer then the other.  This is a great style for regular use or for party style.  Make sure you use thin hijabs so that it doesn’t weigh on your head too much.  Finish off with the hijab pins from our collections!

The Mughal Hijab Style

The Mughal Hijab Style or Turban Hijab Style kind of has a similar look but with a few twists here and there.  You will need a long thin hijab again to complete this look.  This is good for a special occasion or if you just want a look that stands out.  I hope you all enjoy this style, cheers!

Winter and Volume Hijab Style

The Winter+Volume look for this season is in! This is a great look if you have the right kind of crinkle hijab.  It must be at least 2 metres long including the tassles and all.  This look will keep you warm and in style all throughout the winter season, it`s a great look I am sure you are going to enjoy!

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